Afghansitan green raisin manufacturer
Green raisin
Green raisin
Raisins of Faryab Province are one of the quality products of Faisal Fahim Company.
We have been able to produce the highest quality raisins in Afghanistan with different types such as black raisins . green raisins, golden raisins, using various methods and advanced and standard devices in the processing and packaging department. Afghan raisins are a symbol of quality in international markets. The raisin products of Faisal Fahim Company with superior quality have been able to gain a suitable position in countries such as India, Pakistan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other parts of the world.

Faisal Fahim Company is a well-known name in the dried fruit markets of Afghanistan and the world. We are proud to export a large amount of different types of Afghan raisinsto the world markets every year. For us, the quality of our product is more valuable than anything, because we believe that quality is not accidental, but comes from timely and hard work.

You can contact Faisal Fahim Company to order Afghan black raisins . green raisins, golden raisins for any type of business, in different sizes, packages and with high tonnage to benefit from the pure products of this company.

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