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Faisal Fahim is the exporter of Afghanistan’s purest dry fruit. dry fruit and nuts.

Our Story
Faisal Fahim Company Ltd was established in 2006 by Haj Muhammad Qasim Zarifi and Haji Muhammad Nasir Zarifi

respectively as president and vice president of company with the initial investment of 200,000 USD. The company started business activities by purchasing, packaging and exporting dry fruits to UAE, India and Kazakhstan. From beginning the company was doing both imports & exports, however its prime focus has been on exports. 

The company started by packing and exporting dry fruits, valued agricultural products and animal’s products. After a while its business has flourished and the company could establish a fully equipped process center having different machineries such as raisin machine, raisin-cleaning machine, raisin-packing machine and raisin sorting machine. 

As a result of continuous efforts used by the team, the company has gradually been expanded by registering its sub companies Saffron in an attempt to operate more professionally, and therefore Faisal Fahim Co changed name to Faisal Fahim Group Company. The group includes: Samir Faisal Co Ltd, Asayesh Satayesh Co Ltd, Alokozay Saffron and Alaa Alokozay where each company has contributed a lot in trade sector and tried their best for economic growth of the country especially in support of farmers and gardeners’ income.

President Message
Our business activities are focused on increasing the export of Afghan dried fruits.

To increase sustainable economic growth in Afghanistan, in particular by raising the income levels of farmers, orchards and creating sustainable employment for the community.

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Faisal Fahim Group Company aims to become the first choice of the businesses overseas as the most successful exporter of Afghanistan’s dried fruit.


Utilizing the modern machinery and equipment as well as exclusive experience and skills for processing, packing and marketing, Faisal Fahim Co is using efforts to enhance exports of Afghanistan’s best quality agricultural products to the international markets and hence take part in development of national economy.


To provide high-quality products, satisfy customers by fulfilling their expectations, become a reliable and world-class brand company and self-reliance in finance and develop the business through the provision of high-quality products and finally, boost export of quality and standard dry fruits

Our Service

We have actively operated in importation of goods in the past, however, we recently minimized our imports in support of domestic products through increasing domestic investment and job creation efforts in favor of our nation.

Imported chicken eggs from India, fuel from Iraq, mineral water from Pakistan, flour from Kazakhstan,  sugar from Thailand

Since our company was established, we have focused more on boosting exports and became pioneer in export of the following goods:

Saffron,   Pistachio Kernel,  Almond kernel,  Apricot kernel,  Different kinds of raisin,  Aloo Bukhara,  Walnut,  Dried apricot,  Cumin,  Caraway
Sesame,  Mung bean,  Cashmere wool,  Cowhide,  Goatskin 

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